Building HEROES: School for the Gifted

In 2007, we founded HEROESgifted.  In 2012, we opened HEROES Academy, an educational facility for gifted and talented students.  After twelve years, we’re finally purchasing property in  Monroe Twp, NJ, a facility where we will ultimately be able to offer a full-day school and testing services for gifted and talented students in addition to our current weekend classes.  Follow us on our journey as we build HEROES, a NJ School for the Gifted.

All classes, admissions tests, and open houses will continue to be held in our New Brunswick location until the conclusion of this Academic Year.  Classes for the 2020 – 2021 Academic Year will meet in our new location in Monroe Twp, NJ.

The HEROES Family Grows

I dreamt of building this school for over half my life — and that dream has finally come true.  A little red brick school house with a modern rustic vibe, this school is everything I imagined and more.  Just over a year ago, we welcomed our students into this new school.  While it hasn’t been quite the “first year” I’d anticipated, I couldn’t have asked for a better first year. While it certainly took me a long time to get here, there’s one dream I’ve held onto for longer.   When I was in Kindergarten, I proudly declared that I wanted

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End of Year Reflections: What My Students Learned (And What They Taught Me!)

While most schools in the state have already concluded their school years, we’re still winding down.  We are closed for 4th of July weekend, but we’ll return for one final week on July 10th and 11th before our summer break officially begins. The end of the school year is always bittersweet.  I’m relieved to have a few weeks off of lesson planning, grading, and waking up early, but I’m also sad to see my students depart for the summer, knowing they’ll grow and change so much in just the few short months before I see them again.     I’m proud

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Construction Update: More Electric, Site Work, and Stucco

They finished the “rough-in” for the electric.  The electrical inspector told us that we need to put poles outside to protect the electrical meter.  I had a little laugh at the signs the electrician left saying “Dear Mr. Electrical Inspector…” My uncle, Robert Schmidt, brought me a new-to-me lawn tractor that makes mowing SO much easier!  I don’t know what I was thinking trying to mow that lawn with a push mower!   He made us new tops for our desks too!  Ms. Voit, my uncle, and I spent Tuesday sanding and staining the new desks.  They still need a few

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Construction Update: HVAC, Electricity, and Windows!

Construction is moving along quite nicely.  It’s exciting to visit the school each day — sometimes twice a day — to see what’s happening!  We’re on track to finish within our projected timeline with enough time to move in, set up, and resume classes in September!  The HVAC is moving along nicely.  It’s the biggest part of the project, and we’re still waiting for the actual HVAC units to arrive.   The electrician started, and he’ll be done with the rough in on Monday.  He ran LOTS of conduit.   They installed the windows! This was very exciting to see, and I

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Time to Pick a Color for Our New Building!

We need your help!  We need to pick out the colors for our new building!  We have our heart set on the brick face for the bottom area of the front.  The top of the front  and the sides will be a flat stucco color.  We’re torn between colors!  Let us know which one you prefer!  Every member of your family can vote!  Once we pick a stucco color, we’ll send out another pole to pick a sign design.     The trim around the front of the building will be 3-D molding.  These images are rough Photoshop jobs for color

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