Building HEROES: School for the Gifted

In 2007, we founded HEROESgifted.  In 2012, we opened HEROES Academy, an educational facility for gifted and talented students.  After twelve years, we’re finally purchasing property in  Monroe Twp, NJ, a facility where we will ultimately be able to offer a full-day school and testing services for gifted and talented students in addition to our current weekend classes.  Follow us on our journey as we build HEROES, a NJ School for the Gifted.

All classes, admissions tests, and open houses will continue to be held in our New Brunswick location until the conclusion of this Academic Year.  Classes for the 2020 – 2021 Academic Year will meet in our new location in Monroe Twp, NJ.

Building HEROES: Tracking Progress – Part III

COVID-19 I’m ready to move forward with construction full-steam ahead, and then my whole world changed.  It’s only been a week since we closed on the property.  Now, a few schools in the area have closed for sanitation due to COVID-19.  No long term closures yet, but it’s coming.  Day to day, I’m not sure what will come.  I need to make a decision.  It’s Thursday, March 12th.  Schools won’t make an announcement until Sunday regarding Monday, but I have classes this weekend.  For the health and safety of our students, I announce that we’ll be moving online temporarily.  At

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An Open Letter to Our Parents

Good morning!  I understand that different families are asking for different things for their children.  I’m trying to carefully balance the wants and needs of each family in the time that I have available.  I’d like to take the time to provide everyone with a few updates on what we’re doing and how that affects your child.   Additional ClassesMany of you may have noticed that your child has access to more classes in their courses menu.  This is not an error.  Parents asked for more work, so we made it happen.  Most of your children have access to 2 –

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Building HEROES: A Letter from Miss Danielle

As we navigate the uncertainty of COVID-19, working and learning at home has become the new “norm.”  But, it’s not normal. It’s not normal for our children to spend all day at home. It’s not normal for parents to stay home all day.  Things just aren’t normal. It’s abnormal. We’re navigating uncharted waters, and we’re all putting our creativity to the test as we try to move forward with our lives amidst these unexpected circumstances.    Over the years, I’ve had to concur numerous challenges that I couldn’t possibly anticipate, both personally and professionally.  If you’d asked me two months

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Building HEROES in a Socially Isolated World – Part II

It’s been four weeks since I closed on the property.  It’s hard to believe that it’s only been a month.  I’ve been socially isolating for about two weeks.  This isn’t how I imagined building my dream, but nonetheless, I keep moving forward.   My week is interrupted with a raging tooth ache.  I spend most of Saturday calling dentists to no avail.  They’re all closed.  I know that my tooth won’t wait for COVID-19 to slow down; I need to do something.  I try a virtual doctor.  I try Teledoc, but I need to call them because it won’t let

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Building HEROES in a Socially Isolated World

I dash from the car to the back porch, picking up my signed and sealed plans waiting patiently in a sealed plastic bag.  No-contact delivery of my architectural plans.  Ordinarily, I’d stick around, say hi, and see how everyone is doing.  My architect is still working, but he’s asked all his employees to work from home.  I need signed and sealed plans to apply for my building permits. I left the house, but I’m still isolated.  I go from my house to the car, the back porch of his office, and back again.  I do all of this without seeing

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Building HEROES: Construction, Dead Deer, and Coronavirus

What a week!  It’s been exactly two weeks since I closed on 3059 Englishtown Road, the new location for HEROES Academy.   So much has happened during that time.  On Monday, Victory Junk Removal came to remove all the “junk” from the property.  They made three trips with a large moving van to remove all the debris from the property.  Three men worked all day, and one returned the following day.  They were FABULOUS.  It was a rough job, but they worked through the day with a smile.  They were friendly, personable, and (most importantly) thorough.  They cleared EVERYTHING.  There were

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