Honors PreAlgebra


Most students enrolled for this course are 9 – 12 years old. 



Students must have a minimum NWEA MAP Math and Reading of 230. New students must also pass the Accelerated 6th Grade Math Challenge exam which covers the topics listed on the course description for that page.

Course Description

This is a hybrid class.  Students attend a two-hour class once a week for 36 weeks and are expected to complete and submit homework twice a week between classes.  Students will receive comments on work submitted via the internet.  These comments will frequently require students to revise their work.  This is an intensive class that is designed to cover all 7th Grade and most 8th Grade standards to prepare students to take Algebra I the following year.  Students should expect to spend at least 20 minutes a day, 5-6 days a week on homework.


This course is designed to transition students from the elementary classroom environment to the rigorous expectations of Honors Algebra.  In addition to core prealgebra topics, students gain skills in time management, personal accountability, organization, and independent study skills.  Students will be introduced to rigid standards to write and evaluate mathematical expressions and statements use proper math vocabulary.  Students will learn study skills including note taking from text and lectures.

Topics Include

  • Integers and Absolute Value
  • Operations with Rational Numbers
  • Introduction to Irrational Numbers
  • Cartesian Coordinate System (4 quadrants)
  • Integer Exponents
  • Scientific Notation
  • Using Properties of Arithmetic and Order of Operations including writing proofs using a two-column format
  • Unit analysis
  • Writing and evaluating variable expressions
  • Solving multi-step
  • Ratio, Rates and Proportions
  • Percent and Percent Change
  • Perimeter, Area, Volume, and Surface Area including calculations involving factions and decimals
  • Similar Triangles
  • Congruence, Similarity, and Translations
  • Measures of central tendency and variability
  • Interpreting and displaying statistical data
Textbook Page
Textbook Page
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Students receive extensive feedback on their work throughout the week.
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