Accelerated 1st Grade Math and Language Arts

The early years of schooling build the foundational skills that your child’s entire educational career will be built upon.  In first grade, we focus on phonics based spelling, reading fluency, reading comprehension catered to each student’s reading ability, place value, addition, subtraction, time, and basic geometry. Students spend approximately 1/3 of class working on reading skills, 1/3 of class working on spelling and writing, and 1/3 of class on mathematics.  We limit the number of worksheets and formal written work in the classroom, focusing on hands-on activities that engage student’s minds and hands.

Is your child ready for our first grade class?  While most students finishing Kindergarten are still learning to read sight words, CVC words, and CVCe words, students that are eligible for HEROES Classes are nearly independent readers by the Spring of their Kindergarten year.  This is about Step 3 or 4 in Step Into Reading, graduated from BOB books, and/or Level ___ on Scholastic Reading Levels.  Some of the students placed into our 1st grade program are even stronger readers; however, their writing and math skills may align best with our 1st grade class.  If your child isn’t there yet, you can check out our “Teaching Your Child to Read” blog.

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