Middle School Math boot Camp

Middle School Math Boot Camp provide students without qualifying IQ or CogAT scores with an alternative means of qualifying for HEROES Academy’s weekend classes. This program focuses on filling in learning gaps, accelerating student learning, and bringing students up to grade level and beyond.

How to Apply and Enroll

  1. Submit NJSLA Scores Demonstrating Level 5 in Math and Language Arts
  2. Submit NWEA MAP Reading Scores of at least 225 OR take the NWEA MAP Reading Test at HEROES Academy.
  3. Enroll

Did You Know that NJ is providing-tutoring to 3rd and 4th Graders to help students recover from pandemic-related learning loss?  But what about our students in 5th grade and beyond?

State legislators, school leaders, and researchers all agree that students are behind due to pandemic-related learning.  Even our TOP students are behind.

Teachers are struggling to deliver grade-level content because students aren’t ready for it.  Your Straight A student might not even be at grade level from pre-pandemic standards.

The standards for PreAlgebra, Algebra I, and beyond are still the same.  Accelerated Math, Honors, and AP classes still have the same pre-requisite requirements, but fewer students meet these criteria.  As a result, some schools are even dropping Accelerated Math options in elementary and middle school, limiting high school options. 

Alternative Path to Weekend Admissions


Submit NJSLA Scores and NWEA MAP Reading Scores to determine eligibility for this class.

Enroll in Middle School Math Boot Camp

Come to our middle school math boot camp, work diligently, and fill in learning holes.

Admission to Weekend Classes

Students who demonstrate a high math aptitude and strong work ethic will be granted admission into our weekend classes.

To accelerate, sometimes we need to slow down.

Middle School Math Boot Camp provides students with individualized instruction targeted to their learning needs.

Students will be required to study math minutes, math vocabulary and complete other homework between classes.  The amount of work assigned to an individual student will be determined by the results of their assessment at the beginning of the year.

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