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Germ Free Testing For The Socially Isolated in the wake of COVID-19

With children stuck at home, recommendations to socially isolate, and some local jurisdictions ordering residents to shelter in place, it can seem as if life is on hold.  School has moved online.  Children’s activities are closed.  Even classes at HEROES have moved online. As such, we’re also moving testing online.

HEROES Academy is still accepting applications for the 2020-2021 Academic Year.  In order to protect the health of students, parents, and faculty, we’ll be administering all placement tests and academic evaluations virtually.


What does virtual admissions testing mean?
Students will be permitted to complete academic evaluations and placement tests from the comfort of their own home.  There’s no need to leave the house.  Students will complete all sections of the testing online.  Video chat services will be used to proctor the testing.

What will my child need for virtual testing?
Your child will need access to

a laptop or desktop computer


a web camera

a quiet room

  scrap paper and pen/pencil

Before your child begins testing, we’ll talk with you and your child to review the expectations and procedures for testing.  You are welcome to ask us any questions about HEROES or testing during that time.  We’ll ask you to help us set up the testing system on your computer.  You’ll also be asked to give us permission to access your web-cam and your computer so that we can download a lock-down browser.

During testing, we ask that parents, siblings, and other visitors do not disturb the student.  You will not be permitted to sit with your child while they take the exam.  Disturbances during testing may force us to terminate the testing session.


Who is eligible for virtual admissions and/or placement testing?
Students ages 8 and up are currently eligible for virtual testing. Students must be capable of using a mouse and keyboard independently to participate in virtual admissions testing.  Unfortunately, we are not able to facilitate virtual testing for younger students at this time.  The testing for younger students requires more one-on-one attention and access to physical manipulatives.

If your child is under the age of 8, and you’d like to have them apply to HEROES Academy for the 2020 – 2021 Academic Year, please send us an e-mail.  We’ll let you know when we resume on-site testing.


Will my child be able to complete all of the testing online?
Most elementary students should be able to complete all of the testing online. In some cases, we may need your child to come in for for testing at a later date.

At this time, we’ve been unable to figure out an effective way to administer placement tests for higher level math classes (PreAlgebra, Algebra I, and Algebra II).  Students that may be eligible for these classes will likely need to come in for additional testing when we resume on-site programs.  These students will be able to complete approximately half of the testing at home; these sections will determine eligibility for our programs.This second testing session will be provided free of charge, and we’ll work with you to schedule this session as soon as we’re able to resume on-site activities and programs.


What if my child needs technical help during testing?
For test security purposes, we will be monitoring your child’s screen.  In addition, your child will be on a live video chat with us.  If your child has any questions or technical issues, we’ll be able to help them out.  If your child requires parental assistance, we’ll suspend the testing session until all issues have been resolved.


Will my child be able to take breaks?
Your child will be permitted a break at the conclusion of each section.  The first section, the NWEA MAP Reading test, typically takes students about one hour.  The second section, the NWEA MAP Math test, also takes about one hour.  Students will be permitted to take a break after each of these sections.


When will I get my child’s test results?
NWEA MAP results will be available immediately.  If you have a printer, we can send their NWEA MAP results directly to your printer.  Other tests will require manual review.  Please allow us two to three business days to review these tests.

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