How does the HEROES Microschool Work? Understanding the Three-Day-Per-Week Schedule

Apply Now! HEROES Microschool — Application Deadline Extended to April 15th

The HEROES Academy Microschool for Gifted and Talented Students is a small private school that specializes in educating gifted and talented and high ability students.  Due to a number of requests, we’ve extended our Application Deadline to April 15th to accommodate Academic Evaluations during Spring Break. 

How does the HEROES Microschool work?

Our school program meets on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9 AM to 3 PM.   During this time, we cover all of their academic needs — math, reading, writing, history, social studies, science, and engineering.   Instruction is provided through individual tutoring, small group instruction, and independent study. 

At the beginning of the year, we’ll work with students and their families to set short term and long term goals. These goals will focus on the whole-child.  

Student A is an under-achieving under-motivated highly gifted child.  Goals for him/her may include: getting up to grade-level in math, reading, and writing by the end of the academic year, finding intrinsic motivation, developing a sense of grit, finding books that spark his/her interest, and finding a passion project to renew his/her love of learning.  

Student B is a highly-motivated academically-advanced gifted child.  Goals for this child may include finding areas of enrichment math that spark his/her interest to stretch his/her horizons and selecting a passion project that requires creativity and nurtures leadership skills.

Student C is a high-achieving twice-exceptional child with ADHD.  Goals may include finding and using tools to help him/her focus, being able to self-identify environments conducive to studying and focusing at home and at school, creating and maintaining a system of organization, and making regular steady progress in all curriculum areas.  

Each day, students will meet with staff to set “mini-goals” for the day.  These goals will be task-oriented.  Students will check-in with their goal sheet throughout the day.

I will finish reading the book I selected for my history project.

I will create flash cards to study my math vocabulary.  

I will organize my binder so that I stop losing time looking for things. 

I will revise and edit my essay one final time before I submit it.  

The three-day-per-week schedule provides students and families with flexibility on Tuesdays and Thursdays; most students will use this time to participate in extra-curricular activities.  

Stepping outside the traditional Monday through Friday 9 AM to 3 PM school schedule provides students and families with new opportunities.  Traditional school takes up a tremendous amount of a child’s time, and students often squeeze numerous activities in after school each day, leading to busy schedules and tough decisions.  The three-day-per-week schedule gives students their time back; students have far more hours to do the things they want.

While students may choose to participate in traditional extra-curriculars such as music, art, sports, etc., the options are limitless.  We encourage families to consider their own values and goals and their child’s interests in planning the remainder of the week. 

Your child’s Tuesdays and Thursdays may be structured with tutoring, classes, and other programs, or it may be unstructured with independent learning and exploration at home.  Forest school, farm school, fashion design classes, coding classes, foreign language and religious classes, acrobatics, music lessons, pottery, cooking, gardening, individual sports, and team sports are just a few of the many options out there.  Spending time studying at home, relaxing with a book, embarking on a passion project, and volunteering locally are great ways to spend this extra time too.

Schedule a conference call with Miss Danielle to find out if the Microschool might be a good fit for your child.  Click here.

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