Admissions Information for HEROES Academy

Find out if your student is eligible for HEROES Academy.

Weekend Classes

HEROES Academy’s weekend classes serve gifted and high achieving students.  In order to take weekend classes at HEROES Academy, students must submit qualifying test scores.  Students without qualifying test scores may complete at Academic Evaluation at HEROES Academy to determine eligibility. 

HEROES Academy's Microschool

HEROES Academy’s weekend classes are exclusively for gifted and talented students. The admissions process requires qualifying IQ scores, a completed application packet, and an academic evaluation.  

Applying to our Microschool?

Students applying to HEROES Academy’s Microschool for Gifted and Talented students must submit qualifying test scores and a completed application packet.  Applicants must also complete an Academic Evaluation at HEROES Academy.

We accept applicants throughout the year.  Students may apply to join the HEROES Academy Microschool mid-year.

Applying to Weekend Classes

1. Submit Qualifying Test scores

Submit Qualifying Test Scores to HEROES Academy. We'll review them and set up a time to talk.

2. Academic Evaluation

Every student must complete an academic evaluation to assess their math, reading, and writing skills. We use the results of this test to determine each child's class placement and curriculum plan.

3. Enroll

HEROES Academy accepts students throughout the year on a rolling admission. After your child's academic evaluation, you'll receive class placement and registration details.

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