Introduction to Grammar

Most students take Introduction to Grammar in 3rd or 4th Grade.  Introduction to Grammar introduces students to Five-Level Analysis, a strategy for analyzing language to assess quality and clarity.  Students learn the eight parts of speech, the parts of a sentence, prepositional phrases, appositive phrases, clauses, simple sentence structure, and compound sentence structure.  After learning to identify grammatical units in writing, students learn to use this knowledge to revise and edit their own writing.  

Students complete an end-of-year project that requires research, writing, revision, and editing.  Each student produces a hard-cover encyclopedia based on a topic of their interest.  Past topics have included dinosaurs, astronomy, mathematics, dogs, soccer players, dragons, and more.  At the conclusion of this project, family and friends are invited to Story Time.  Each student reads and presents their book at this event.   


View excerpts from some of the past projects.  The buttons below will show you 1 of 10 chapters from a variety of student books.

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