Academic Consultations

Consultations are one-on-one meetings between you and me.  It’s your time to use as you’d like.  I provide academic consultations for parents and students across the country, and I’m happy to arrange for us to meet via video call or phone conference.  


If your child has compelted an IQ test, neuropsychological evaluations, or other testing, I commend sending over any test score reports, evaluations, or other pertinent files on your child before the scheduled meeting time so that I may review your child’s academic history before talking with you.  

I provide both one-time and ongoing consultations for parents of gifted and talented students.  I can help you…

  • determine whether an IQ test or neuropsychological evaluation makes sense for your child
  • interpret your child’s IQ report or neuropsychological evaluation
  • evaluate a collection of tests and assessments on your child
  • plan your child’s homeschooling journey
  • advocate for your child within their public or private school
  • inspire your reluctant reader to get back on track with reading
  • assess your child’s academic performance to make decisions for their education

Book an Academic Consultation

Book an  initial consultation with me. After booking, I will send you an e-mail with a short questionnaire to fill out before our meeting.  Filling this out is not required; however, filling it out will help us get the most out of our time together.  


About Me (Miss Danielle)

I’m the Director of HEROES Academy, and I’ve recently earned the new (additional) title of “Mommy” to Noah, who is currently 3 months old.  I teach the 1st grade program, the 2nd grade program, and all language arts classes for 3rd grade and beyond. I helped found HEROES nearly 15 years ago.  Through HEROES, I’ve worked with Rutgers University, CTY (JHU), SET (JHU), Davidsons Institute, and many other gifted organizations to provide social and educational programming to gifted and talented students. 


About 10 years ago, we took a big step and opened HEROES Academy in New Brunswick, NJ where we were able to provide year-round programming for gifted and talented students.  We are now entering our 3rd academic year in our new location in Monroe Twp, NJ.  We hope to call this location our home for forever, and we’re excited to reintroduce more social programs and to expand our academic program offerings.  


In addition to running HEROES, I’m also a weekly contributor to Parenting Gifted Children and moderator for a community of over 20,000 gifted and talented parents, educators, guardians, and supporters. 

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