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At HEROES Academy, we work exclusively with gifted and talented students.  We understand that ability and achievement are not synonymous; a gifted child’s achievement is dependent upon their access to resources — a teacher, a program, a book, a mentor, etc. that provides them with the opportunity to learn and go beyond the core-curriculum in their traditional school.  Every gifted child should have the ability to learn at a pace and place suitable for them. As such, we place students into classes based on tested math and reading ability rather than by age or grade level at school. 

Our classes emphasize the development of critical thinking, logic, and problem solving skills.  While a child may be studying material two or three years beyond grade level with us, we understand that they’re still young children, and our lessons are designed with that in mind.  We use a combination of games, puzzles, and crafts to create an engaging classroom environment that appeals to younger students whilst still providing a rigorous academic program. that allows students to accelerated in their studies. 


Our classes meet for two hours each week for 36 weeks, starting in September and ending in June.  Students receive weekly homework.  Parents are kept up-to-date on homework and grades through our website, resources.NJgifted.org.  

Combined Classes (Grades 1 and 2)

Accelerated classes for students in primary grades cover math, reading, and writing in a weekly two-hour class.

Accelerated Language Arts (Grades 3+)

Accelerated language arts classes for gifted and talented students focus on grammar, writing, and vocabulary.

Accelerated Mathematics (Grades 3+)

Accelerated Math classes for gifted and talented students focus on logic, critical thinking, and real-world applications.  

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