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Accelerated Math and Language Arts Classes meet on the weekends, providing gifted and talented students in traditional schools with the opportunity to accelerated their learning beyond the course offerings typically available in schools.

Accelerated Math

Accelerated Math Classes focus on developing logic, critical thinking, and problem- solving skills through hands-on lessons.

Instruction is provided in a small group setting with individualized attention.

Accelerated Language Arts

Accelerated Language Arts classes emphasize grammar, vocabulary, and technical writing skills.

Instruction is provided in a small group setting, focusing on peer-to-peer writing feedback and individualized teacher attention.

Designed for Gifted Students

We’ve been working with gifted and talented students since 2007.  Our classes are designed to provide students with a rigorous academic program that challenges their minds, unlocks their potential, and ignites a life-long passion for learning.


Our small classes provide students with social opportunities, peer-to-peer feedback, and a classroom learning environment, but a classroom learning environment doesn’t mean a one-size-fits all approach, and each student’s education path at HEROES is unique.

Hands-On Approach to Learning

Over more than 13 years, we’ve developed and tested our own curriculum and materials that emphasize a hands-on approach to learning, engaging students’ bodies and minds in the learning process.  Using games, puzzles, and other manipulatives, our lessons bring the topics to life.

Applying to Weekend Classes

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Find out if HEROES is a good fit for your child. Schedule a call with our director, Miss Danielle Voit.

Academic Evaluation

Every student must complete an academic evaluation to assess their math, reading, and writing skills. We use the results of this test to determine each child's class placement and curriculum plan.


HEROES Academy accepts students throughout the year on a rolling admission. After your child's academic evaluation, you'll receive class placement and registration details.

Registration for the 2023 – 2024 Academic Year is Open!

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