About Us

HEROES is committed to providing social, emotional, and educational resources to gifted and talented students, their parents, and their teachers.  

Microschool for Gifted and Talented Students

Our microschool for gifted and talented, high ability, and twice-exceptional students provides a rigorous curriculum with the flexibility, individualized attention, and nurturing environment that our students need to thrive.

Our microschool meets three days per week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Weekend Classes

Accelerated Math and Language Arts classes meet on the weekends to provide gifted and high-achieving students with deeper learning at an accelerated pace.

Accelerated classes in elementary and middle school set students up for success in AP classes, competetive high school programs, dual-enrollment, and more.

Our Values

Critical Thinking


Love of Learning



Study Skills

Resources by HEROES Academy

Math Resources

Research on math education, accelerated math information, and math curriculum for parents of gifted children and teachers of gifted children.

Language Arts Resources

Recommended reading for advanced readers, literacy research, and more for gifted children, their families, and their educators.

Gifted Resources

Research, recommendations, advice, and more on giftedness, gifted and talented education, and twice exceptionality.

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