About Us

Higher Education Resources and Opportunities for Exceptional Scholars (HEROES) is committed to providing social, emotional, and educational resources to gifted and talented students, their parents, and their teachers.  

Classes at HEROES

HEROES Academy provides gifted and talented students with the opportunity to study advanced topics based on tested math, reading, and writing skills rather than age or standard grade level in school.  HEROES offers accelerated math and language arts classes that meet on Saturdays and Sundays from September to June.  HEROES also offers hands on engineering classes that meet during the week.

Through our accelerated math and language arts classes, students develop:

Critical Thinking

Students are encouraged to ask questions and debate topics with their peers.  Inquiry-based projects and lessons encourage students to apply knowledge and skills across disciplines.


In addition to teaching logic in our math classes, we work with students to use logic and reasoning to advance their studies across all areas.


In addition to infusing riddles, puzzles, and real-word problems into our curriculum, we focus on providing students with a hands-on learning experience that encourages discovery and exploration.

Love of Learning

By providing students with an appropriately challenging curriculum in a classroom filled with similarly able peers, our students embrace new challenges and celebrate new knowledge.


By providing students with appropriate challenges in the classroom, focusing on student independence, and helping students set goals for themselves, our students learn to not only persevere but to embrace challenges.

Study Skills

Students learn to apply their math, reading, and writing skills to study independently to both enrich their understanding of the material taught in class and to acquire new knowledge, skills, and competencies independently.

Other Resources from HEROES Academy

Information and resources to guide you through testing and assessments for your gifted child, research on giftedness, research on the social and emotional aspects of giftedness, stories of gifted children, and education options for your gifted child.

Students learn 3D solids

Information and resources on math education for gifted children, accelerated math options at school, and strategies for working with your gifted child to further their math education.

The Reading Corner

Recommended reading lists, information on assessing your child’s reading level, resources to find the perfect books for your advanced reader, and recommendations for teaching both excited and reluctant writers.