Accelerated 3rd Grade Mathematics

An accelerated math class designed for gifted and talented students.

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Students attend a two-hour class once a week for 36 weeks.  Students should expect approximately 15 minutes per day on homework.  Students who master required 3rd grade standards will be introduced to more advanced topics that are normally taught in 4th Grade.  Students are evaluated in January to determine if they are expected to complete both 3rd Grade and 4th Grade content.  Students who master all 3rd Grade standards and most 4th Grade standards will be allowed to enroll in Accelerated 5th Grade math the following academic year.

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Who is the course for?

At HEROES Academy for the gifted, we place students into classes based on tested math, reading, and writing skills rather than by age or standard grade level in school.  Students must complete an Academic Evaluation to determine class placement.  To join this class, students must demonstrate mastery of 2nd Grade Math Standards.  

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