Primary Grades

Classes for primary grades cover both math and language arts in a once-a-week 2-hour class.    Our primary grade classes uses games, crafts, puzzles, building toys, and other hands on activities to provide students with a challenging and exciting academic environment.  


Students in these classes are typically advanced readers; the students in these classes are often reading several years above grade level; however, they still require writing and math instruction at a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade level.  At HEROES, we understand that students’ academic skills develop at different rates.  Our classes are designed to accommodate this discrepancy. 


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How to Enroll

HEROES works exclusively with gifted and talented students, and we place students into classes based on tested math, reading, and writing skills.  As such, all students must complete an Academic Evaluation for admissions and class placement purposes.

Accelerated 1st Grade Math & Language Arts

In order to qualify for our Accelerated 1st Grade Math and Language Arts class, students must be independent readers.  Our Accelerated 1st Grade class starts with 1st grade math and language arts standards.  Most of the students in the class also begin working through 2nd grade standards.  

Accelerated 2nd Grade Math & Language Arts

Students in this class are reading chapter books.  This class starts with 2nd Grade Math and Language Arts standards, but many students are also able to complete the 3rd Grade Math standards throughout the year.

Accelerated 3rd Grade Math & 2nd Grade Language Arts

Students in this class are reading chapter books.  This class covers Accelerated 3rd Grade Math and 2nd Grade Language Arts.

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