Academics at HEROES

Originally known as HEROES Gifted, has flourished into a year-round facility for gifted and talented students now known as HEROES Academy.  When we started HEROES in 2007, we sat down to consider our mission, and this mission actually helped build our name.

Higher Education Resources and Opportunities for Exceptional Scholars (HEROES) is committed to providing social, emotional, and educational resources to gifted and talented students, their parents, and their teachers.

We’ve certainly grown since the early days.  When we started HEROES, we offered a number of social events, “crashed” space at Rutgers University and FUBAR for short-term classes, hosted an annual academic conference, and ran several talent searches based on the SAT and SCAT.

While we believed in our programs, we also knew that this simply wasn’t enough.  Our gifted and talented students needed a permanent home, a place where they could study advanced topics in a safe and child friendly environment year-round. After evaluating the regulations for charter schools in NJ, we determined that this wasn’t an option for our dream school.  If we were going to open a year-round facility for gifted and talented students, we’d have to do it on our own.

What seemed like a far off dream finally became a reality in 2012 when we opened HEROES Academy in New Brunswick, NJ.   Although this was a huge step forward, we knew that this wasn’t our forever home.  We wanted room for a playground, larger classrooms, and more flexibility.  We wanted to find our “forever home,” and we finally found that place in 2019.

Today, HEROES Academy is a microschool for gifted and talented students.  Our microschool provides gifted and talented and high ability students with a flexible and individualized learning environment.  Based off of the one-room school house model, students fulfill all of their academic requirements (math, reading, writing, science, engineering, history, and social sciences) in three full days per week.

For gifted students looking to advance their academic studies while still remaining in their standard public or private school, we also offer weekend classes in math, language arts, science, and engineering for gifted and talented students ages 6 and up.

At HEROES, we place students into classes based on tested math, reading, and writing skills rather than age or grade level in school.  In addition to developing strong math and language arts skills, we foster our students’:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Logic
  • Creativity
  • Grit
  • Study Skills
  • Love of Learning

Enrolling in HEROES Academy’s Weekend Classes

The majority of our students start classes at the beginning of the academic year (September).  Registration opens in February for the upcoming school year and remains open on a space-available basis until the end of June.  All classes run for the entire academic year.

Students may enroll in classes year-round on a space-available basis.  Placement testing will vary throughout the year because students will need to place into a class’ current placement.  In other words, if a student wants to join a 3rd grade math in December, (s)he will need to demonstrate mastery of skills required to enter 3rd grade and the skills that class has completed so far.

Weekend Classes

HEROES Academy offers in-person accelerated math and language arts classes for gifted and talented students on Saturdays and Sundays.  Students are placed into classes based on tested math and reading ability rather than age or grade level in school.

Weekday Science & Engineering

HEROES Academy offers hands-on science and engineering classes on Wednesdays throughout the year.  

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