Paragraph Writing

his class builds upon the knowledge, skills, and competencies that students acquired in Introduction to Grammar.  Students continue their study of grammar.  Students learn

  1. to identify and use interrogative pronouns, demonstrative pronouns, possessive pronouns, and indefinite pronouns. 
  2. to identify and use subordinating conjunctions to build complex sentences and compound-complex sentences.  
  3. to identify and use gerund phrases, infinitive phrases, and participial phrases in writing.
  4. to use their knowledge of phrases and clauses to revise sentences.
  5. to separate information into paragraphs
  6. to organize paragraphs
  7. to use conjunctions and phrases to show the relationship  between sentences in a paragraph

Students learn approximately 40 Latin and Greek roots throughout the year.  Students learn to define and utilize approximately 5 to 6 vocabulary words per root word.