HEROES Homework and Games Day

February 18, 2023
Register by February 13th 
—-For students in Grades 2 and Up Only—-

This event is exclusively for currently enrolled HEROES students.  Join us for a half-day (or full-day) of homework, games, crafts, and more. This is a perfect opportunity to catch up on homework.  We will provide real-time grading throughout the day to participating students. 

Even if your child is up-to-date on homework, this day is a great opportunity to connect with HEROES classmates, play games, utilize the manipulatives in our classrooms to explore new things, and more.  

How it works:

  1. Drop off your HEROES student(s).  Make sure your child brings their HEROES work with them, a water-bottle, and a snack.  Students staying all day should also bring lunch.
  2. We’ll make sure your child finishes an entire homework assignment, help them upload it, and grade it!
  3. While your child waits for us to grade their work, they’ll take a break with their classmates, play some games, have a snack, etc.  
  4. If your child has more than one assignment due because they’re past-due on work and/or enrolled in multiple classes, we’ll provide them with their next assignment. 
  5. Rinse and repeat!  When your child has finished their next assignment, we’ll grade it while they take a break with their classmates.  
  6. We’ll help your child(ren) focus on their schoolwork, ensuring they get the most out of their day here.  

Half Day Option: 10 AM to 1 PM or 1 PM to 4 PM ($60)

Full Day Option: 10 AM to 4 PM ($100)

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