Science and Engineering

HEROES Academy offers science and engineering classes for gifted and talented students.  Each year, HEROES focuses on one general topic.   Topics include engineering, life sciences, and chemistry. For the 2021 – 2022 Academic Year, HEROES Academy’s Science and Engineering program is focusing on engineering through the design and build of simple machines.  For the 2022-2023 Academic Year, our Science and Engineering program will focus on life sciences.  


Students in our engineering program participate in hands-on laboratory activities every week.  From figuring out how the size and shape of a ball affects the distance we can throw it, to testing how much weight various bridge designs can move, to designing and building a huge Rube Goldberg Machine with K’nex, our students experience physics and the engineering design process every week.  

Life Sciences

Our Life Sciences program takes advantage of the wealth of both wild and domestic life at our school.  Students observe the life cycle of ducks, chickens, preying mantis, butterflies, and other insects.  In addition, students study how various native and non-native plants and animals interact within the environment — studying predator versus prey, the effect of invasive species, and more.  Students take a close look at nature, studying cells, plant debris, fungi, and more under the microscope.


Students in our chemistry program explore the states of matter, changing states of matter, the periodic table of elements, chemical reactions, chemical changes, physical changes, density, diffusion, and more through a hands-on laboratory program.  

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