Accelerated 4th Grade Math


Students as young as six years old may qualify to take Accelerated 4th Grade Mathematics at HEROES.  Most students enrolled for this course are 7 – 9 years old. 

Students must have a minimum NWEA MAP Math and Reading of 215. New students must also pass the Accelerated 3rd Grade Math Challenge exam which covers the topics listed on the course description for that page.

Course Description

Students attend a two-hour class once a week for 36 weeks.  Students should expect approximately 15 hours per day on homework.  Students who master required 4th grade standards will be introduced to more advanced topics that are normally taught in 5th Grade.  Students are evaluated in January to determine if they are expected to complete both 4th Grade and 5th Grade content.  Students who master all 4th Grade standards and most 5th Grade standards will be allowed to enroll in Accelerated 6th Grade math the following academic year.

Topics Include

  • Place Value and Rounding of Whole Numbers to any place
  • Multi-digit Multiplication
  • Division with one-digit divisor
  • Adding Fractions with Like Denominators
  • Multiplying Fractions with Whole Numbers
  • Introduction to Decimals
  • Measurements using fractions
  • Data displays using fractions
  • Measurement Conversions using Multiplication
  • Using a protractor
  • Angle relationships
  • Symmetry, patterns, and parallel and perpendicular lines
  • Word problems involving topics listed above
  • Using equations with variables to solve word problems
  • Students who demonstrate mastery of the above topics will also study topics listed for Accelerated 5th Grade Math
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