Accelerated Math

Accelerated math classes at HEROES Academy cover 1.5 to 2 years of curriculum in one academic year.  Small class sizes allow students to move at a pace that works for each individual child. We offer math classes that start at each grade level; however, most students do not take all of these classes during their time at HEROES.  A student may move from Accelerated 3rd Grade class one year to Accelerated 5th Grade math the next year.  Decisions are made based on the individual student, and parents are notified of their child’s placement for the next year when registration opens in February.  Students starting classes at HEROES in the primary grades often take Algebra 1 by 6th or 7th grade.  


All math students at HEROES Academy participate in the math facts challenge.  For more information, read From Math Minutes to Math Mastery.

Accelerated 3rd Grade Math

Accelerated 4th Grade Math

Accelerated 5th Grade Math

Accelerated 6th Grade Math

Students learn 3D solids

Honors PreAlgebra

Honors Algebra I

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