Accelerated Math

Accelerated Math classes at HEROES emphasize logic, critical thinking, and real-world problem solving skills.  We focus on teaching students to understand how and why. 


Accelerated Math classes meet on the weekends.  Classes meet for two hours each week for a total of 36 weeks.  We welcome students to join us throughout the year.

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.

Class Structure


Students utilize pre-existing knowledge to logically prove new math concepts.


Math topics are introduced through hands-on exploratory lessons and activities to foster creativity.

Critical Thinking

Students develop the ability to effectively analyze and judge information.


We believe that knowledge is only as useful as the ability to communicate that knowledge.

Core Content Standards

We cover all of the New Jersey State Learning Standards for Mathematics.  

Real World Problem Solving

Students work through word problems and projects that use real world data.

Math Vocabulary

Studying math vocabulary provides students with the foundation to communicate their reasoning, to conduct reasonable arguments, and to apply their math skills inside and outside the classroom.

Math Facts Fluency

An award-based math facts program motivates students to memorize their math facts.  Memorizing math facts reduces frustration and careless errors in higher level math and allows students to move through more material in less time.

Our Accelerated Math Classes

View course standards and samples from our curriculum.

3rd Grade Mathematics

4th Grade Mathematics

5th Grade Mathematics


Algebra I


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