Construction Update: HVAC, Electricity, and Windows!

Construction is moving along quite nicely.  It’s exciting to visit the school each day — sometimes twice a day — to see what’s happening!  We’re on track to finish within our projected timeline with enough time to move in, set up, and resume classes in September! 

The HVAC is moving along nicely.  It’s the biggest part of the project, and we’re still waiting for the actual HVAC units to arrive.  

The electrician started, and he’ll be done with the rough in on Monday.  He ran LOTS of conduit.  

They installed the windows! This was very exciting to see, and I can’t stop  staring at them.  Since the windows and doors have been installed, we can now start work on the face of the building!


We have new gutters too!  Bye-bye baby trees growing in my gutters.

In other news, one of the few trees that I liked fell during this week’s storm.  Why couldn’t the storm take out one of those annoying gumball trees?

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