CogAT Testing

HEROES Academy offers CogAT testing. The CogAT, or Cognitive Abilities Test, is a school-based abilities test often used to identify students for gifted and talented programs and services.

What is the CogAT? What do my child's CogAT scores mean?

The CogAT is a cognitive abilities test that assesses verbal, quantitative, and non-verbal abilities.   In schools, it’s typically administered in a group setting.   The CogAT is NOT an IQ test; it focuses specifically on reasoning skills that are related to school success. The CogAT may be administered on a computer or on paper.  Questions on the CogAT are multiple choice, and the total testing time is typically 90 to 120 minutes, depending upon the CogAT test level. 

Schedule CogAT Testing

We offer CogAT testing by appointment on Mondays and Friday afterschool, Tuesdays ant Thursdays during the school day, and Sunday evenings (4 PM).  

We offer one GROUP testing date per month.  Group testing is available at a discounted rate.  

Individual Testing Available

Provide your child with the environment they need to do their best!  We provide testing appointments for one-on-one testing!  

Experienced with Gifted Students

We have been working with gifted and talented students since 2007.  We understand the complexities of gifted children, and we know how to best support your child to ensure the most successful testing experience possible.

Quick Results

Do you need your child’s test scores ASAP?  We provide test results within TWO  weeks of testing, and we offer expedited services if you need them sooner!  

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does CogAT testing take? 

CogAT testing takes approximately 2.5 to 3 hours.  We recommend planning to be at our facility for at least three hours.  

Do you administer the screener or the full battery?

We administer the full CogAT testing!  

Are scores from HEROES accepted elsewhere?

Absolutely!  Students can take the CogAT with us as part of their application for our weekend programs and/or microschool program; however, the test report is yours!  You can use your child’s CogAT scores to apply for Mensa and other gifted programs. 

Please note, we cannot guarantee that your child’s public or private school will accept CogAT scores for entrance into their gifted program. Most schools have extensive criteria for determining eligibility for their gifted and talented program, and ability testing is often only one small part.  If your child took the CogAT at school, and you feel they did poorly due to circumstance (e.g sick on the day of testing, not given clear directions, etc), they can retake the CogAT with us; however, we cannot administer the Cogat sooner than 1 year from their last test.

What should I do to help my child prepare for the CogAT test?

Tell them that they’re gooing to a school to take a test.  Unlike other tests, this one looks at how their brain thinks and works.  They’re not expected to know all the answers.  They should just do their best.  Make sure your child gets a good night of sleep, feed them a solid breakfast, and if testing in the afternoon, feed them a high protein snack or meal before testing.

We strongly recommend against purchasing test preparation or study materials as using these invalidates the scores.  

Who can take the CogAT at HEROES Academy?

Any student ages 5+ can take the CogAT test at HEROES Academy; however, students must NOT take the CogAT with us IF they’ve taken the CogAT within the last year OR their school is planning to administer the CogAT within the next year.  You must contact your child’s school toe confirm whether or not your child has taken the CogAT or will take the CogAT.  Students may not take the CogAT twice in one academic year.  If your child has already taken the CogAT at school this year OR their school will administer the CogAT later this year, they may not take the CogAT at HEROES this year.

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