Building HEROES: Week 1

We closed exactly 7 days ago.   We’ve made a lot of progress since then.  

Landscaping:  I was quoted $3,500 to clear the brush from the property.  I’d rather spend that money on library books.  That’s a lot of books.  Ms. Voit very graciously agreed to help me tackle this project.  I bought my very first lawnmower and some gardening shears, and we got to work.  It took about 2.5 hours to clear the front of the property, and it’s already looking so much better.


We had some help removing the fence and trimming the trees.  He even let me drive the truck!  


As the survey noted, the area was "very overgrown."


Ms. Rita Voit and I mowed and cleared the brush on Thursday. Today, I had a little help removing the fences.


Wow! Look at all of that space! The land still needs some TLC, but a few hours of work made a huge difference.

Signage: Bye-bye for sale sign!  Hello HEROES Academy!  Bright Signs made us a beautiful Coming Soon Sign.  He installed the new sign on Thursday.  

Before Signs
My new lawnmower works really well! I can't believe how much brush I was able to remove in just a few hours.
HEROES Coming Soon Sign
Our new sign adds some cheer to a dreary day.

Stay tuned for our next update!  Victory Junk Removal will remove all of the junk and trash from the property Monday morning.  The old playground should be gone by the end of the day today.  We plan to do some more landscaping next week, and we can’t wait to start renovating the building!

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